About Us

SIKAWE represents Fashion, African Inspired Apparel, Beauty & Lifestyle. We sell one-of-a-kind ethical handmade african items, clothing/apparel, accessories and all things beauty related.

Sikawe simply means "money house". Sika-money and We-house/home. It means a place/home of wealth. It's a name derived from our Ghanaian Ga-dangme dialect. We believe in the wealth of our people and we believe in showcasing the unique pieces we have as african people.

Showcasing the unique beauty we have and sharing them with the world will bring awareness and help the motherland as a whole. Our CEO handmakes some of the items here in London and source others from Artisans in Ghana.

This is a movement that will change the lives of artisans we have in Ghana and the global economy of Africa. Make an impactful change with every purchase and help re-invest back into the community.

Sikawe was launched in 2020. We had a physical shop as a mother and daughter business(mama africa) but sikawe was created to reach a much wider audience.  We want a  lot of young people from Africa and the diaspora to realise that the fabrics we have in africa, were not created only for our parents. We want you to be bold and enjoy the motherland in it's fullness. Many Young Africans haven't had the chance to enjoy the prints fully but over the past years we see things changing. We see young people  experimenting and adding their own twists to the African Print and designing them to suit their individual style.

We believe our African prints, have a rich HISTORY, CULTURE and CLASS! As much as we love our African prints, going out there to source materials, and waiting for eternity to get the items made by the seamstress or designer is all very tasking. Gone are the days where you have to go through that burden. You can get ready to wear pieces right to your doorsteps in few days. At Sikawe, you're not limited to one style of fashion, we are your one stop shop for unique unisex pieces. We bring out the perfect mix of african print and contemporary vibe.